Twin Tickets – Loro Parque & Siam Park

64,00 Tax include

64€ Tax include

Loro Parque: It is catalogued as the best animal park in the world; in there you can discover the biggest collection of parrots in the world. A tunnel with sharks, Planet Penguin and shows with dolphins, parrots, sea lions and killer whales makes this park the most popular tourist attraction of the Canary Islands. You can observe the most modern aquarium in the world while you are surprising by the thousands of marine species it contains. Enjoy the Katandra Treeptops, where you can see the birds into the trees but also, of many more animals like the king of the jungle, the lions. Furthermore, you can see a garden with tropical flowers. For that and more, Loro Parque is the ‘’must’’ of Canary Island, a incredible, unique and unforgettable experience.


Siam Park: In this water park you can experience one of the greatest experiences of your visit to Tenerife. You can enjoy the Tower of Power; a toboggan of 28 meters that will leave you speechless until the Vulcano where the light disappears and the speed increases or the snakes jungle where you can take toboggans with form of snakes. And, for the youngest of the family you can find the slow river or the Lost City, a really aquatic fortress that also love adults. It is choose as the best water park in the world by the community of TripAdvisor.



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